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Little room love: inspiring ideas for children’s bedrooms


I’ve been thinking a lot about decorating my son’s bedroom recently. It’s taken him from babyhood to 3 years old and while there’s no desperate need to redecorate, I think perhaps it’s time to change things around. If we had the space (not to mention the architectural layout) to do a boy’s version of the above photo, then I’d be all over it. In fact, if I had a daughter (and the space) then I’d pretty much copy the room’s design full-stop. I love the split-level layout, the all-white feel and the sweet little design accents such as the bunting, day bed turned into a bed and the huge windows looking out on to the garden. Just gorgeous. The room below has a similarly light and airy feel.



Now, how’s this for fun? This room puts a really quite brilliant spin on the traditional bunk bed idea with a bed that can also be turned into a stage. A great one for all the aspiring drama kings and queens out there…


As I’m hoping that one day my boys will share a room, this room could provide some (very tidy) inspiration. I love the muted grey tones, the dark wood floor and the storage under the bed. Whether it would stay as pristine as this is doubtful.


What else is there to say, but ‘love’. Decorating a little girl’s room lets you explore your ultra-girly side, using design touches such as the LOVE and bird signs, which would just feel a little too twee in a grown-up’s room (or at least, this grown up’s room). I also adore the slightly shabby chic painted pink chest of drawers and the retro books and toys on top of it.

e07d928b560633ca6a5a58716cfb07b5I love tipis. If I’d had this room growing up, I’d never have left it…


The pull out trainset, the dinosaur duvet cover…I know a 3 year-old who would go mad for this room…

019d09f625042eb06894064650acb99aA very sweet little boy’s room. I’m a sucker for floorboards, but I also love the pale blue bed and white wardrobe. The soft toys add a lovely touch.

35e0fd7b28aab902f2ea0592eec43541I never would have thought of using such a dark grey in a nursery, but this really works. The yellow accents and white furniture complete the picture beautifully.

IMG_7054-682x1024 I love the combination of navy, hot pink and grey in this Los Angeles nursery.

This is just perfect for a little girl. The cabinet (apparently from IKEA) offers amazing storage, whilst the little gallery of pictures is just gorgeous. Create a similar look by using your favourite wrapping paper in mismatched white frames. Also, check out the grey wall – I’m beginning to think grey is the perfect nursery colour!

2bc7a9152527877a2709e8630701a046This is a great example of how to utilize a small space. Obviously, the big window helps the  airy feel, but by using light colours, this room, which could feel cramped, just feels cosy.

b5587a3896bc34635df05033012149edCan you imagine anyone EVER sleeping in this room? Errr nope.

Check back soon for the best children’s wallpaper and room accessories…

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