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You may not have seen last week’s BAFTAS (I didn’t, I was tucked up in bed at the decidedly un rock’n’roll time of 8.30), but you’ve more than likely seen the pictures of Angelina Jolie on the red carpet. And, just how cool did she look? I didn’t even notice Brad Pitt standing next to her (although let’s face it, he has lost it a little no? As has Johnny Depp,but not Clooney – but that’s a whole other post…) Granted, Angelina would look pretty much fabulous in a bin bag, but still. The suit (Saint Laurent) was perfect. The slim cut, the flash of ankle, the pulled up sleeves, the undone shirt teamed with heavy make-up and ruffled hair…it was gorgeous.

And whilst we’re on the subject, did you see that picture of Victoria Beckham at New York Fashion Week wearing (*klaxon alert*) not her practically trademark heel, but a pair of monochrome brogues (also Saint Laurent, sadly sold out)? Teamed with tailored black trousers and a gorgeous coat from her collection, she looked amazing. (Side note – I was never a Spice Girls fan nor a lover of her early-years WAG look, but I’m quite the VB convert these days)


Of course, brogues, monochrome and the tux/suit have been around for, like, ever. Marlene Dietrich and YSL’s Le Smoking are classic examples of how it can look great, Rihanna at the Met Gala in 2009 and Madonna at this year’s Grammys not so much.

Helmut Newton, Vogue 2004

Helmut Newton, Vogue

So, while this kind of style isn’t new,seeing these pictures makes it look and feel incredibly fresh again. Personally, I’d never do the full-on tuxedo look complete with bow-tie, but elements of the look are definitely worth copying. A great pair of black trousers, a white shirt and a black jacket (Stella McCartney or Saint Laurent if you’re looking to invest, otherwise Zara or Jaeger are always good bets) are all brilliant and versatile additions to your wardrobe, and especially so if you work in a conservative office. And, flat white brogues and black trousers? Well, as with much of what VB wears these days, white/monochrome brogues worn with tailored black trousers just seems fresh, spring-y and really rather ‘now’. I told you I was a convert….

Jacket, £xx and trousers, £xx Saint Laurent

Jacket, £1,960 and wool tailored trousers, £605 Saint Laurent

Lisy Tux trousers, £xx, IRO

Lismore wool jacket, £420 and Lisy Tux trousers, £335, both IRO

d9771fcf5394abda8b46d335abf1e56f                   top_shirt_split_tunic_chalk_sh1753cha_front                  2143682800_6_1_1

Mahognia pants, £65, Second Female ; Split tunic, £215, MiH; Turn-up sleeve blazer, £79.99, Zara

e33a368d447d080f65ca15527782c079                   e9491d972779551f74243d02f7a2145e      d91b7db38cd70bc216054f61bb56cdc3

White leather brogues, £165, M&S; Two-tone pointed leather brogues, £365, Miu Miu; Artie Derby brogue, £139, Hobbs

And, if you want to tweak this look for summer and look completely on trend, then ditch the jacket, swap the trousers for culottes and change the brogues for a pair of flat sandals or slides…

000929412             2ace9c494d81c9f2deb7d7fa1f088977               7a9a8486b14570ff3da206d6159cdcf8

Scallop Front Silk blouse, £120, Boutique by Jaeger; Crepe culottes, £550, J.W.Anderson; Roma leather sandals, £210, NewbarK

IMAGES: AP Images, Helmut Newton

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