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Ok, so let’s get serious for a minute. Despite the tiredness, despite the juggle, despite sometimes feeling ‘aarghhh!’, by-and-large mothers in the Western World have got it seriously good. We’re all bloody lucky to be living where we live and having what we have in a place where we feel safe, secure and able to live the lives we want to live. Unfortunately, not all mothers around the globe are so lucky. Which is why we – the lucky ones – should try and do a little something about it. Molly Gunn, founder and Editor of the brilliant Selfish Mother webzine has done just that, by designing the #MotherTee to raise money for Women for Women International which helps women affected by war.

Molly wearing her Mother tee

Molly wearing her Mother tee

“I created the #MotherTee after seeing so much bad / sad stuff going on around the world in the news,” explains Molly. “It made me realise how good us mothers in the western world have it! We may complain about our child’s sleeping habits, or that they’re a fussy eater, or that we can’t get them into our chosen school, but in some countries women are worried about more important things; i.e.  if their child has a bed to sleep in, or how to get them their next meal, or if they can go to school at all.

All profits from the #MotherTee go to Women for Women International. In countries affected by war women can be looking after their children having lost their homes, or their livelihood, or their husbands. They have to keep up moral for their kids, and also try and look after themselves and rebuild their lives. The #MotherTee is all about showing solidarity for the global sisterhood of motherhood and saluting other women who have got it harder than us.”

Through the sale of this t-shirt, Molly is hoping to raise £1 million for charity over the next 3 years. Available for £30 (with all profits going to Women for Women International – have I mentioned that already?!), you can buy your tee directly from Selfish Mother. Go on. Buy one. A little help can go a long way…


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    Annabel Taylor
    September 29, 2014 at 5:41 pm

    What a wonderful idea, I will be ordering one of your tees and spreading the word x

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