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How to Buy the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

Mother’s Day is nearly upon us (26th March, should you need a quick reminder), and we have found the perfect gift for nearly every mother. (Including ourselves. Hint, hint.)

Alex and I are both very lucky. We have wonderful mothers (who are also terrific, and adored, grandmothers) and we love treating them. So when one of our favourite brands, The White Company, approached us about doing a Mother’s Day gift guide, we leapt at the chance. For they really do give good gifting – or, more importantly, help you give good (gorgeous) gift.

(Note to our children: you are more than welcome to use this post as a source of inspiration.)

If your mum loves…to spa (or a long, hot soak in the bath)

The dream scenario: a week (or a weekend. Or even just overnight. Picky we are not.) in a spa, preferably one nestled on an Italian hillside.

The reality: the dream is somewhat budget-busting, but you can still turn her bathroom into a spa-like space. We are huge fans of The White Company’s Spa collection – it really does feel like something special, with its beautiful scent and sleek packaging, and the scent (neroli, geranium and eucalyptus) is heavenly. Personally, I think a really lovely hand wash and hand cream are a real treat: it turns a necessity into a pleasure and elevates your bathroom into something hotel-worthy. But the ultimate has to be the Spa Relax luxury bath oil (currently on sale at £24 – so perhaps buy one for yourself too?). Add a candle (I am genuinely obsessed with this Iris candle, £26, in its beautiful, matte-white votive) or several, a glass of wine, and breathe… You could also slip a Seychelles soap (warm, spicy amber) into this heart soap plate (a snip at £8. I’d use it for jewellery, too – or just on its own.)

If your mum loves…decor and design

This is my mum. Her home is immaculate and her taste just so – I am always eagle-eyed when at her house for ideas to steal. (What’s more, she cleverly married a man who has a sideline in DIY genius). Now, it can be tricky to buy for people with immaculate homes/impeccable taste. Unless, that is, you keep it simple, sleek and pared-back. A silver heart box (£38, below) for instance.

So, if you usually buy flowers, up the ante with flowers and a new vase in which to display them. This [above] is the Luddington (£20) – and it’s actually the perfect shape for almost any type of flower (yes, these things matter and mums with great taste know it): the shape ensures they fall just so. I can also recommend the Bilbury for its similar qualities. I love the look of a selection of smaller vases: imagine a selection of the bud and the bottle ranged along a windowsill or marching across a shelf, a single bloom in each.

It’s probably impossible to go wrong with a lovely photo frame, especially if you find a meaningful photo to go in it. This is a classic. I – and pretty much every mother I know – would love something like this 15 aperture white frame, filled with pictures of the people I love. (If you’re feeling generous – of time and pocket – this version is the ultimate.)

If you fancy something slightly off-piste, then this ‘What is done in love is done well’ framed print (now £36) is the perfect sentiment for Mother’s Day. Wholly true (and altogether stylish).

If your mum loves…fashion

Just a little something to zhuzh her wardrobe – in keeping with her inimitable style, of course – is lovely here. How about a scarf with a hint of sparkle? Or the sweetest and quietly stylish duo of friendship bracelets (nicely sentimental, too)?

If your mother is a high-flying business type, the ultimate leather work bag would make her very happy indeed. If, on the other hand, she’s more of the casual kind – or lives for holidays – then hasten thee to lay your hands on this basket (£55) which is perfect for weekends, beach days, high days and holidays, and pretty much every day… I am a huge fan of a good basket, and there’s a real suggestion of the South of France about this one.

I must also put in a word for classic cotton pyjamas. Nothing signals ‘relax, curl up, go to bed early with a good book’ quite so clearly. And show me the mother who would’t take up that offer on Mother’s (or indeed, any other) Day….

If your mum loves…cooking

I hastily add the caveat that she really should love to cook. There are a lot of mothers who, if you gave them a set of fancy knives for Mother’s Day, would be tempted to practise their knife-throwing skills. However, if your mother is a kitchen whizz, she will probably adore a beautiful wooden chopping board (as lovely to look at as it is to use); an elegant white jug; or the fabulous Porto stoneware heart-shaped ramekins and oven dish.

If in any doubt at all, stick with the breakfast in bed tray (£50), complete with breakfast. We’ll have coffee, Gail’s cinnamon buns and a bowl of fresh berries, please…

If…you’re stuck

Listen up, for we have The Answer. A candle. We have yet to meet the woman who doesn’t love them. Yes, we hear you wringing your hands whilst angsting, “But how do I know which scent she would like best?” The classics are Fig, Pomegranate, and Rose, but if you’re still in an agony of indecision, The White Company have cleverly created a Spring candle. Think honeysuckle, rose, jasmine and freshly-mown grass and ask yourself this: who could resist?

The White Company have a lovely #MumsWisdom competition over on their beautiful Instagram feed – you can win their Mother’s Day Edit. Simply post a picture of your mum on Instagram, sharing the best piece of advice she’s given you. Click here for more. It would solve all gifting dilemmas, beautifully.


This post was written in collaboration with The White Company, a brand we love. All opinions, words and pictures (if not The White Company’s) our own. For more about how we work with brands, please see here.





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