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My Uniform: Marcyanna Legan, MD of Racinne

_MG_2859[1]When it comes to skincare, Asian brands are currently leading the way when it comes to innovative products that really do something for your skin. One such brand is Racinne, which is winning rave reviews for its technologically-advanced lotions and potions. Racinne’s MD Marcyanna Legan is based in London and rather than the staid business suits you might associate with a Managing Director, she is all about cool, casual comfort. With a love of jeans, shoes and handbags, her uniform is the perfect definition of the mantra ‘less is more’..


I tend to go for comfort, so every day is very much about jeans with a t-shirt or a silky top. That way if I have unexpected meeting I can throw on a black silk blazer and it transforms the outfit. I think that style is all about feeling good in your own skin and I go for a smart-relaxed look. I also like outfits to have a twist. I wear glasses so often that codes it. I have two pairs from Cutler & Gross and they’re the best specs I’ve ever had.

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Cristen skinny jeans, now £126, 7 for All Mankind; glasses, £295, Cutler & Gross; cotton t-shirt, £27, Hush

I like to wear skinny jeans year around and a boyfriend style in the summer. I go for 7 for all mankind, Levis, All Saints and Gap. I have 16 pairs! In dark navy, light blue and black. I also love Gap chinos and found an amazing pair of black silk trousers in & other stories that, oh boy, serve the purpose. Paired with silver Vans style plimsoles and a funky t-shirt, they can look great daily and if the evening gets serious you just slip on a pair of jimmy choos and off you go.

Wrap dress, £xx, Tara Jarmon

Wrap dress, £220, Tara Jarmon

I have to be in mood for a skirt and usually it is outside of office hours. I have a few vintage ones some from Tara Jarmon. I like them knee length or just below with a pair of cute high heels. I also like Cos black dresses or coloured ones from Aleksandra Krol or Tara Jarmon.

I tend to like short sleeve, plain tops in cotton, linen, merino, cashmere and silk. I have a few pattern tops from hush – I love hush! For plain t-shirts I go to petit bateau, j.crew, gap, or Ralph Lauren, I love N.Peal for their plain cashmere.

I wear flats during the day. At the moment I’m a sneaker person and have around 9 pairs from New Balance, Nike, Adidas, Converse, Isabel Marant (I have two pairs of Beketts) and some Maison Martin Margiela mesh ones which stole my heart a long time ago. I’ve been a big fan of Salt Water sandals for few years now and own 2 pairs – I’m so grateful that Toast stocks them now! I have a crush on ugly shoes and couldn’t resist buying 3 pairs of Birkenstocks in black, brown and white. My biggest sin in this department are probably my Swedish clogs. I have two pairs of Moheda ones in black and red. I have few pairs of ballerinas but those I heart most are my 2 pairs from Fratelli Rossetti. I tend to buy a few pairs in different colours. I go a bit mad in the shoe department!

Beckett trainer, £xx, Isabel Marant

Beckett trainer, £360, Isabel Marant

I like simple jewellery and believe less is more. I wear my engagement ring designed by my husband, my wedding band that goes with it and my Rolex every day. I top it all up only for special occasions with my Tiffany bracelet or my special gift necklace. Most of my jewellery has been given to me, but now and then I buy something from online niche designers. I am very fond of De Galluchat, a French brand with an amazing collection of cuffs. And recently Yves Spinelli caught my eye with the multiple ring.

When it comes to bags, I like ‘travelling light’ so the best on a daily basis is Longchamp. Again, I’m not a minimalist in this department – I have 7 and can fit my whole world in them! You can actually wear two at the same time; one can be a day bag, with evening clutch inside just in case and the other can be the gym bag. I also have few other bags from Hogan, Chanel and Coccinelle as well as some Morrocan-style distressed leather ones. My eye is currently on a Sophie Hulme. I also adore Clare Vivier clutches and bags. She is my favourite designer – a woman that understands fully what other galls want when it comes to the perfect handbag. You should absolutely visit her shop in LA or NYC. It’s a real experience!

Mini box bag, £xx, Sophie Hulme

Mini box bag, £450, Sophie Hulme


When it comes to beauty, I am all about Racinne. I use the Ultimate Hydra Serum and Illuminating Cream, the Youth Power Eye Serum and the Aqua Blanc Masque. I also like Dermalogica‘s daily resurfacer, Shiseido SPF50, Chanel Sublimage Cleanser, Eve Lom Cleanser, Uriage thermal water and Bioderma water to remove make-up (it’s miracle in a bottle)

For make up, I use a Laura Mercier primer (best ever!), a Dior BB cream, Laura Mercier loose powder, YSL concealer, Nars blusher and lippy from YSL, Chanel, Dior or Nars. I wear a lot of red lipstick in different shades. Some days I go for a bare face with red lips. I also use Lancome Hypnose Mascara, which smells of roses!

Ultimate Hydra Illuminating Cream, £35, Racinne

Ultimate Hydra Illuminating Cream, £35, Racinne

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