Object of Lust: French Market Basket

efa0cfa5eb80bb418e61d96d10f0333bI do love a basket. I realised the other day that I have one in every room in the house. For toys, logs, laundry, bedding, paperwork, loo rolls… If only I had more rooms, I would have more baskets. And I love the idea of breezing around come summer, basket on arm, filled with flowers, freshly baked bread and a good novel. (Come on, let a girl dream.) Even though the reality is more along the lines of baby wipes, nappies, rice cakes, children’s books and Sophie the Giraffe, I can still tote them around in the basket of my dreams.

There is something very chic about carrying a basket. It speaks of sunshine, summer, strappy sandals, a glass of rose and long lazy days. And French girl chic. And Italian beachside holidays. Either works for me.



Straw basket, £55, The White Company

Whilst researching this post, I came across Le Papillion Vert which is like manna from the basket gods for an addict like myself. They have a whole section devoted to French baskets. The Sasha basket has both short and long handles – super useful for those inclined to over-fill (guilty as charged). The Olivia is classic chic – and I love the shape of the Darcy. The Zoe is is ever-so-slightly zhuzhed with leather straps.

The Hedgehog shop has straw baskets in three sizes – so you and your minis can play Snap. (This may come in handy for my little girl and Alex’s middle boy, who was so enamoured of her Village England Mini Cranleigh that she had to wrest it from him.) How about a medium, £25  for you, and mini, £12, for the little one (there is also a large)?

basket_woven_mini_grande basket_woven_medium_2_grande








Now go forth. Make like a French woman…

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Images: Jules Vita Drommar; Lucky; Madame Figaro via Pinterest


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