Objects of weekend lust….


Oh to look like this on the weekend, instead of slightly harassed and nowhere near as effortlessly pretty and rested. Perhaps if I buy this black and white Demylee Alex Sweater by J.Crew (excellent name btw) I will do? Or perhaps I should carry on using my latest skincare discovery…


Over the last few weeks I’ve been trialling a new-to-me skincare brand created from organic Scottish seaweed. Harvested in the Hebrideas, the seaweed Ishga uses contains natural anti-oxidants known for their super skin-soothing powers. I’ve been using the Regenerating Face Serum followed by the Anti-oxidant Marine Face cream in the mornings and I’m really impressed. Not only does my skin feel well-moisturised, it is also not left overly oily or shiny (a problem for me), which can happen with other moisturisers. A win-win situation. I’ve also been trying the Hebridean Sea Salt & Oil body scrub, which I love – not only for it’s smooth texture and delicious spa-like smell.

luxury-family-hotels-the-ickworth-11Finally, I am DESPERATE for a holiday/weekend away – I’ve heard a lot about the Luxury Family Hotels group with their child-friendly vibe, spas and great food. We’ll be booking for January, what better way is there to soothe the blues than a lovely hotel?

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