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Our new obsession: Hush home fragrance


You know we are huge fans of Hush. Now here’s another reason to fall in love: their brand new home fragrance range. FRA_POMEGRANATE_PEPPERCORN_SML_CANDLE_BOXWhen you order anything from Hush, it comes swathed in tissue paper which is spritzed with the most heavenly fragrance. Having been told more times than she could possibly count that customers wished they could buy it, founder and creative director Mandy Watkins (one of the most delightful and inspiring women I’ve met) decided that she would allow them to do just that. She spent a long time – a very long time – honing and refining the scents and the products (all handmade in England from the finest ingredients). The results are divine.


Choose from small candles (£12); large candles (£25); diffusers (£30); and linen spray (£30) – and four scents: Pomegranate and Peppercorn – smoky, sensual and perfect for a cold winter’s night (this one is first on my to-buy list); Fig and Blackberry Leaf – that slight edge of fruit and a dash of coconut gives it an added warmth (and – let’s face it – fig is such  a classic fragrance. It’s the default, cannot-go-wrong present. Christmas present klaxon!); the Signature Scent linen spray (that glorious scent which wafts from every hush purchase); and Rose and Cassis, Mandy’s personal favourite. She very kindly talked us through her inspirations…

“If I had to pick a favourite I think it would be the Rose & Cassis. I love scents that are clean and fresh and have a zing to them. One of my favourite flowers is Daphne. It’s not much to look at but the smell is amazing, so much so that in Korea it’s called Churihyang (“the 1,000 mile scent”). The shrub is relatively small, but when it’s in bloom you can smell the flower from a long way away, although 1,000 miles might be pushing it! It’s not very common, possibly because it’s difficult to grow, but we had a plant in our garden when I was a young girl and I’ve never forgotten the scent. So, the Rose and Cassis scent was inspired by daphne and my other favourite flowers Lily of the Valley and Honeysuckle.

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It was the hardest scent of the three to get right, possibly because I was very specific about how I wanted it to smell, but we got there in the end and for me it’s perfect.”

It’s official: we’re obsessed. When we have our very own W&W towers, Hush could well be the official fragrance!



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