Postboxed: a great new way to send a gift


I’ve made several new discoveries this week. That M&S’s chocolate bubble Santas are ridiculously delicious, that my hair really doesn’t like autumn and that Postboxed, a new online company sending postbox-sized gifts by mail, is brilliant….


Having to trek to the local (or not-so-local, when you live in the countryside) post office is a major pain. Ok, it’s a first-world problem, but still, life is so much better without having to do it. Which is why Postboxed is such a genius idea. All the gifts they send out – from jewellery to gloves, chocolates to stationery and new baby gifts – are chosen especially so they fit through the postbox. Moreover, they are beautifully wrapped and come with a personalised gift card. Ideal for those ‘I just thought of you’, ‘get well soon’ or ‘congratulations!’ moments….




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