What We *Really* Want for Christmas…

Do you know what we really, really wish for this Christmas?

A Chanel 2.55 bag, perhaps? Or a lifetime’s supply of cashmere? Perhaps a ginormous Net-a-Porter gift card or a suite for the weekend at a swanky hotel? Nope. (Although if anyone does want to get us any of these, do please feel free, you are more than welcome and we will be more than grateful.) What we really want is: more – and better – sleep. To stop stressing. To properly relax (not just pretend to whilst flicking through our phone and our mental to-do list. To enter the new year refreshed, relaxed and – why not? – merry and bright. And now these gifts may actually be within our grasp. And yours too. Oh, and there’s also a discount to be had….

I make no pretence about the fact that I love this brand – I shop it and use it myself. The founder, Nicola, is one of the most inspiring, remarkable, funniest women I know. So we are genuinely thrilled to collaborate with Neom to bring you our Neom Organics Christmas list. But there’s more to this than yet another Christmas gift guide. Yes, these products are luxurious and look lovely in your bathroom, but, better still, they really do work. And there’s something particularly thoughtful about giving a gift that says, ‘Here you are. Look after yourself properly (because I love you). Pause for a moment in this crazy whirlwind of life; this time is just for you’.

What’s more they’ve offered a lovely discount of 20% off with the code Wear20 valid at Neom online. Hurrah! (See below for full t’s and c’s.) So without further ado, here’s our alternative Christmas list…

Dear Santa,

What we’d really like for Christmas is….sleep.

Better sleep. And more of it. I’d quite like to meet a parent of young children who doesn’t want this, to be frank. Bedtime negotiations that drag on. Middle of the night ’emergencies’. Startlingly early mornings. Or perhaps (children or not) you’re just one of those people who – like me – doesn’t have the gift of falling (or staying) asleep that easily. (Insomnia: my old foe.) What if I said you can actually give the gift of sleep?

Neom takes a realistic approach to sleep. 1. Take the advice of their in-house experts and unwind, de-stress and breathe before bed (oh, and switch off that phone. Unless you’re reading this – in which case, finish it first!) – you can read more here.  2. Try their Perfect Night’s Sleep 3 Step Programme (you can buy everything individually, btw, if your budget does not allow a splurge). Light the candle before bed (perhaps when you’re wallowing in a bath or reading a book?), spritz your pillow, and then put a dollop of this on your hands, massage it in and breathe it in (I cannot tell you why, but this actually works to calm me down, pre-bed). I can also recommend liberally slathering yourself in the hair and body oil.  Although, were I to be selfish and choose for myself, I think my top pick would be the skin treatment candle. I love the idea of the double whammy of gorgeous scent (you know my candle obsession) and pouring the warm oil over my skin (not in a 50 Shades of Grey way, you understand…)

And we’d really like…to de-stress. 

Properly. Not just flopped on the sofa for ten minutes in between the children’s bedtime before we embark on the next stage of our evening. Which is why anything promising to ‘Create Calm in the Chaos‘ has our names (and, let’s face it, the name of pretty much every woman we know) All Over It. The diffuser and the candle a. smell like heaven (jasmine, lavender, rosewood) and b. make perfect presents for virtually anyone (stock up on travel-sized candles to pop into stockings/into your luggage on your festive travels. (All that intensive time with your extended family can really warrant a spot of de-stressing. Also, at £16, they’re a bit of  a steal….)

(Whilst we’re at it, we’d like to acquire the art of relaxation)

We love the very idea of giving ‘A Moment of Calm’ in this crazy, mixed-up world of ours. Because – to borrow from a Richard Curtis classic – if you can’t quote Casablanca at Christmas, when can you? This isn’t just a candle, it’s an armoury in your well-being toolkit. It says, ‘Stop. Be still. Breathe.’

We don’t just love candles because they smell good and look chic (although that helps), the flickering of that light is deeply soothing. That small, steady flame is a signifier of calm and hope. Who doesn’t want to give (or receive) that? Even better when they smell of the lazy, heady days of summer roses.

And could we please wake up with an actual spring in our step?

Who are those people who spring out of bed? We’re the ‘show us the coffee’ tribe. Perhaps life would be different if you started your day by showering and moisturising with the Energy Burst duo (think rosemary, lemon and a burst of grapefruit)? Or slipped this balm into your handbag? There’s something about this scent that whispers ‘you can and you will’. How’s that for a present?

Or how about something to make every day just a little better?

Now this is a gift worth giving – it’s even called Have a Great Day. Or how about a candle called, quite simply, Happiness?

And is there any way we can keep our pre-Christmas joy going into the dark days of January?

You know that pre-Christmas buzz? The sparkle in the air; the promise of excitement and togetherness (we hope); the cosy evenings curled up inside whilst the chill bites outside – or a night out, where lights twinkle and friends gather? Somehow, we lose that – and January can leave us feeling a bit flat. No more! Light the Christmas Wish candle and that promise is back in the air. (Add this glittering candle cover for the prettiest burning experience there is.) The design is based on their theme

So there you are, Santa, the big FC. Your work is done. Gifting and wellbeing all wrapped up in one gorgeous package.

1. Christmas Wish candle, £45; 2. Tranquility Intensive Skin Treatment candle, £36; 3. Perfect Night’s Sleep Pillow Mist, £20; 4. Create Calm in the Chaos programme, £50; 5. Complete Bliss candle, from £16; 6. Nourish, Breathe and Energise hand balm, £15; 7. Energised and Ready to Go 3 step programme, £50; 8. Reed diffuser, £38


Discount Terms & Conditions

* Wear20 is valid for use at only. Code must be entered at basket page to redeem discount of 20%. Customers must sign up to an account. Code applies to full price items only. Code can only be used once per customer. One promotional code can be used per order. Postage is not discounted. Cannot be exchanged for cash value. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Offer valid to midnight 11th December.

Main image via Neom Organics Instagram. All other images c/o Neom.


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