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No, not badly-rhymed bikinis, swimsuits for little girls. Before we came on holiday I was looking for a little swimsuit for C and it was far trickier than it should have been.

What is WITH the high street? Just because it’s for a little girl, why does it have to be a. luridly pink, b. decorated with Hello Kitty or Peppa Pig or some other nauseatingly whimsical princess-y type character, or c. weirdly grown-up which is SO WRONG in this context. Also, added complication, I refuse to shell out oodles of cash for something which will be worn for approximately two weeks of the year (and get covered in sunscreen).

I ended up with this one from H&M. And very sweet she looks in it, too. (It also comes in red, btw.)

Swimsuit (1 and 1/2 - 8 years). £5.99

Swimsuit (1 and 1/2 – 8 years). £5.99, H&M

I wish, wish I had chanced upon this one from Boden in time to order it. Suffice to say, I love it. I am contemplating ordering it for C to wear next year.

Pretty swimsuit, Boden

Pretty swimsuit (1 1/2 – 10 years), £16-£18, Boden

The go-to destination on the high street is, however, Next. Who knew? If they had this bathing suit in C’s size, I would have snapped it up (although it seems you have to wait ’til you’re three to escape The Curse of Hello Kitty And The Lurid Pink Swimsuit) – and the bikinis are pretty cute, too. I am somewhat hesitant about little girls in bikinis (it’s not just me: I sat next to a very charming Frenchman at a dinner the other week and we ended up talking about our daughters and holidays (he was recommending hotels in the Cayman Islands – I have a feeling we holiday on different levels), and he demanded to know, “What eel thees thing you English ‘ave with putting leetle girls in bikinis? It so weird. They should only be for girls when they are grown up.” (Yup, he did actually sound a bit Maurice Chevalier.) However, if you are free from such over-thinking, these are adorable.


Ditsy swimsuit (3-16 yeara), £10.50 -£13.50), Next


Coral spot frilly bikini (3 months – 6 years), £9-£10, Next
















`Textured stripe bikini (3- 16 years), £9-£12, Next


Textured stripe bikini (3-16 years), £9-£12,  Next










One more floral (without being excessively cutesy). If you have a three plus aged girl, you are in LUCK.

Ditsy swimsuit (3-16 years), £9-£12, Next

Ditsy swimsuit (3-16 years), £9-£12, Next

Image via Vintage Fan Girl

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