Jumpsuits and Tassels: the must-have look for Spring

To paraphrase Katy Perry, “it’s hot then it’s cold, it’s yes then it’s no, it’s in and it’s out.” No, we’re not talking Orlando Bloom and his penchant for nude paddle boarding (did you see those pictures last year?!), we’re talking dressing for Spring when it’s cold in the morning, but pretty darn warm by lunch and then – you’ve guessed it – cold again by nightfall. Following on from Natasha’s brilliant post on Spring dressing, I bring you another option: the jumpsuit, upgraded for Spring with some rather lovely accessories. Wear now, wear later, wear all year. It’s why we love it….

I love a jumpsuit. They’re just so comfortable and so stylish. And this one from M&S is a particular beauty. A must-have for summer, it’s worth snapping up now as it’s selling out fast. Wear now with a thin long-sleeved  or polo top underneath (a la Olivia Palermo) or even a jumper on top with bare ankles, and then come June as is. Love. I have the long-sleeve version of this from Hush and adore it. So wearable. I also love the look of this, which could be worn now with a smart jacket for work and in the summer with a denim jacket. Warehouse, as everyone knows, is having a moment and they have a lot of lovely jumpsuits this season. This floral one is gorgeous as is this very flattering tie-front one. La Redoute also has a great affordable selection, whilst this Chambray one from J.Crew is stunning.

Wear with….

Block heels if you ‘do’ them by day, or if you’re dressing up your jumpsuit for night. These silver block heels would look amazing with a navy jumpsuit. Or chic striped flats like these ones I have or perhaps these stripy ones, which are SO pretty.. And then of course, there’s always trainers. These floral embossed white ones are lovely, as are these grey Adidas Gazelles and these green sparkly pineapple ones are completely bonkers and not to everyone’s taste, but I rather like them. You could also try backless loafers, which are very ‘this season’. I have this gold pair from H&M, which are surprisingly wearable, although the black is also great.


Anyone who follows us on Instagram will know that I have suddenly become rather obsessed with tasseled earrings. I love last-season’s from H&M, which are not available online, BUT are still knocking around at a knock-down price (£3) in store. Go, seek, buy! Alternatively, check out Pomme Pomme London‘s happy pom pom earrings or these lovely tassel earrings from White Stuff (who knew they did jewellery?) And, of course J.Crew have some beauties, like these blue tassels (above) and these Dandelion drops, which are Spring in an earring. I also love these tassel and pom pom bracelets from M&S (but don’t look like M&S) – great for spring/summer/holidays. Of course, the Queen of tassels is the wonderful Marte Frisnes, whose earrings and bracelets are just heaven.

ps if you, like me, love tassels, then check out these Boden tasselled sandals and these sparkly gold and silver espadrilles, which I didn’t include above as they’re not really for Spring, but they are GORGEOUS. And, I wanted to tell you about, as they will sell out by the time you’d actually want to wear them…

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