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Style File: Maggie Bolger, founder of Maggie & Rose

m4With four children and a rapidly expanding business, Maggie Bolger needs a wardrobe that’s not only stylish, but also practical, easy to throw together and works just as well for meetings as it does for mucking around in a ball pit. As the founder of Maggie & Rose, a quite frankly amay-zing family members’ club in London’s Kensington and Chiswick (with more planned to open soon), Maggie’s days are split between work, the school run and home, where she lives with husband Sean, daughters Azia and India, and sons Oscar and Ollie. So, just what does a busy working mother of four wear? Maggie – it’s over to you….

“A jeans, blazer and boots combo is my default look.”

I’m lucky to be in a position where I don’t have to be in business dress every day. I have one or two serious meetings a week that I’ll wear a more tailored look for, but generally I can be quite casual. As a mum of 4 I’m lucky to get out of the house in something clean! I also don’t really have time to shop and when I do, I need everything to be in one place, so I tend to stick to Zara or Hush. They both have everything I need and the Hush look is great – casual, stylish and really reasonably priced. They also do this epic thing for lazy shoppers where you can buy the look in one click!

Tuxedo jacket, £xx, Zara

Tuxedo jacket, £79.99, Zara

“I love a great pair of jeans”

I have about 15 pairs (although not all of them fit!) and some great leggings. Hush do awesome leggings for every day, I love the fit and quality. For jeans I always go for boot-cut as I’m tall and it makes my legs look longer. Saying that, I’ve just discovered a skinny stretch pair from Donna Ida’s new range “Ida” which are seriously life changing. They’re high waisted so they act like control pants but are so soft you still have the comfort – no more magic underwear to keep the mum tum in – truly genius – I have added pretty much every style to my birthday list!!

IDA ivy skinny jeans, £xx, Donna Ida

IDA ivy skinny jeans, £150, Donna Ida

“I’m not really a skirt girl”

But when I do they are usually ones that sit just above the knee. Or anything that looks good with knee high boots. When it comes to dresses, I also like styles which work with knee-high boots and once again, I love Hush‘s designs. In the summer, I do like the maxi dress look.

dress, £xx, Hush

Felted wool dress, £95, Hush

I recently cleared out my wardrobe and discovered that I have about 20 white shirts!”

I have a real thing for decorative blouses. I am not a brand person so to speak as I love vintage stuff and usually find things I like in markets like Portobello or Spitalfields (when I find the time. ) My favourite statement pieces come from All Saints.

“In the winter, I tend to favour chunky cardigans and jumpers over coats.”

I like to layer them up with scarves and hats. But I always buy a new coat each year so I actually have loads. I prefer them to be big and long, so I’m able to fit all my layers underneath! I have my eye on this one from Zara at the moment…

Woollen wraparound coat, £xx, Zara

Woollen wraparound coat, £89.99, Zara

“I wear heeled boots during the day.”

They have to be chunky heels though. I always try and have a grey, brown and black pair. I can only manage a stiletto for a few hours! For the last few years I have bought them from Asos, although I do love Ash and Frye boots. However, I mostly live in Converse and Uggs whenever possible.

image1xl                        5815-SAN_2        image1xl-1

Jalouse suede mid-heel ankle boot, £145, Ash; Classic tall boot, £190, UGG; All Star hi-tops, £45, Converse;

“Most of my really great jewellery has been gifts from very awesome friends or my husband.”

These earrings were a present to Maggie from her best friend.

These Falling Lotus Leaves earrings from Dinny Hall were a present to Maggie from her best friend.

My jewellery look is minimal and I generally wear statement pieces from Skandium, Dinny Hall and Vinnie Day mixed with Oliver Bonas. I particularly love Oliver Bonas earrings as I lose them like you wouldn’t believe. My awesome best friend just gave me the most beautiful set from Dinny Hall.

This ring from Coretta van Wijk was an anniversary present from Maggie's husband.

This ring from Coretta van Wijk was an anniversary present from Maggie’s husband.

“When it comes to bags my favourite is my old Mulberry Roxanne.”

Rather randomly I also have a few Mischa Barton hangbags which are cheap and cheerful, and you don’t feel guilty if the kids splash them with paint! I also have about ten clutch bags from Urban Outfitters, which I use for the evening.

Williams shoulder bag, £xx, Mischa Barton

Williams shoulder bag, now £54, Mischa Barton

After dark….

The evening is time to get the boobs out, so I veer towards lower cut tops with a good bra (can’t go wrong with a Wonderbra!) I also have a great pair of leather trousers from Urban Outfitters, which I wear with a white shirt and shoes so high I basically hobble about all evening. I also have a great strapless dress from All Saints. It’s a bit on the short side, but has a built in bra so if I have to really snazz it up I wear it with a good blazer or leather jacket and heels.

57980b6e1dd14cdf57336811e1d56a56                           26567e9d0df748580cf03e7c703be535                  5225201201_1_1_1

Polke top, £125, Pyrus; Leather trousers, £390, Zoe Jordan; Python pointed court shoe, £79.99, Zara

Beauty Essentials

I swear by Boots’ Rose & Glycerine water. It’s magic as I have quite sensitive skin and with heavier beauty products this is one of the only things that works. Everything else comes from The Body Shop – right down to my shampoo and conditioner. My daily make-up routine consists of Benefit mascara, Urban Decay eye-shadow, CC cream from L’Oreal and a splash of Chloe perfume.

1a2c3c209fb95db5506d7fec12927aed                         G_112911797_50_20080317               they're-real

Rose & Glycerine water, £2.69, Boots; Eau de Parfum, £58, Chloe; They’re Real! Mascara, £19.50, Benefit

Family style…

Having four kids I need value as they grow so quickly and my lot are really messy, so expensive clothes are just a waste. I really don’t like the pink and blue stereotype and loathe character clothes ( Hannah Montana and One Direction are firmly banned in our house! ) Our staples are H&M as they always have great basics, Zara, which has the most stylish range – I particularly love their coats and blazers. I have also fallen in love with Little Bird by Jools Oliver for Ollie, our youngest. I really hope that Jools extends the range to older kids as well. If I am looking for something special I use AlexandAlexa as they have a great range of everything and are brilliant for gifts for friends and god kids. I recently bought some boots from Stylist Pick for the girls. They’re the same size as me now, so I can borrow them!

937c2ed81be2a0465db3f048e0e67c25                ee73d86a829d6055c81d826d2fd9336a              5767710742_1_1_1

Knitted jumper, £5.99, H&M; Navy cord trousers, £10-£12, Little Bird; Knitted dress, £17.99, Zara

For the home…

Maggie & Rose's amazing Chiswick interior.

Maggie & Rose’s amazing Chiswick interior.

All my focus has been on our new Chiswick club so my home needs some love. Cox & Cox has lots of cool bits which would freshen up my tired flat. I also adore Rockett St George for all things totally epic interiors wise and would deck my whole place out with there stuff if I had the time! The last thing I actually bought for home was a large outdoor trampoline for the kids – it made their summer.

maggie double

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