Every day we’re ruffling……

Who doesn’t love a ruffle? Aside from minimalists and nudists, for whom all clothing is a fabric too far. Just saying the word is enough to bring you joy.


See? You can’t help but smile. And when you wear them, the joy is fourfold.

Thankfully for us ruffle lovers out there, summer ’tis the season to flounce. Embellishment, ruffles, neon…anything goes when the sun shines, so if you’re after a ruffle or two, then you’re in luck.Just the hint of a ruffle (the neckline ruffles around Natasha’s Lily & Lionel dress in the bottom picture are a great example) turns a simple dress or shirt into something really special. In fact, neckline ruffles (as above in this Vita Grace dress) are rather wonderful full-stop. Think of a classic outfit – a white shirt and jeans for example – add a simple neckline (or indeed, cuff) ruffle and suddenly that everyday outfit becomes a lot more interesting.

When it comes to ruffles, the first rule of Ruffle Club is, of course, not to talk about Ruffle Club (oh that pun is starting to show my age…..). The second rule of Ruffle Club is to tread carefully and not ‘over’ ruffle. A ruffle top goes beautifully with shorts, jeans or a skirt for example, whilst a ruffled skirt looks fabulous with a simpler top. A ruffle top and skirt together or indeed a ruffle dress can look fantastic, but you have to be careful. Too many ruffles and you’ll end up looking like one of those 70s Flamenco dancing loo roll covers (weirdest invention ever, no?!), but get it just right and you’ll look Fab-u-lous in a totally acceptable and not at all Strictly way.

Are you ready to ruffle?


1. Ditsy ruffle print blouse, £35, Topshop; 2. One shoulder body, £24.99, H&M; 3. Frankie shirt, £70 (was £140), Lily & Lionel; 4. Ruffle maxi dress, £95, &OtherStories

5. Cala dress, £275, Neve and Noor; 6. Ruffle swimsuit, £29.99, H&M; 7. Ruffle top, £39, Coast; 8. Ruffle skirt, £59, &OtherStories

9. Elspeth ruffle dress, now £65, Hush; 10. Bleinheim top, £80 (was £175), Mercy Delta; 11. ruffle shoes, £65, Topshop; 12. Kim top, £194, LoveShackFancy;

13. Silk ruffle sleeve dress, now £294.50 (was £588), Diane von Furstenberg; 14. ruffle t-shirt, now £5.99, Zara; 15. Ruffle sleeve dress, now £25, Warehouse; 16. Gingham ruffle skirt, now £134.99, Paper London

17. Ruffle back dress, now £42.50, Ichi; 18. Blouse with Broderie Anglaise, now £15, H&M; 19. Yellow ruffle dress, £69, Warehouse; Vintage bloom dress (as worn by Natasha below), Lily & Lionel

Our Lily & Lionel dresses were kindly gifted to us. We were invited to choose a style we loved with no obligation to write about them. We know how lucky we are and never take these incredible opportunities for granted!

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