Sunday Riley: the cult brand your skin is going to love


Now, my skin isn’t so bad that I have to leave the house with a bag over my head, but let’s face it, it could do better. Less of the congestion, not-so-fine lines, dullness and dryness and we could have a much happier relationship. Which is why, after a winter of waking up feeling dry and looking, quite frankly, TERRIFYING in the morning, I decided that enough was enough, and headed in pursuit of one of the hottest cult skincare lines on the block: Sunday Riley….


Founded by – yes, it is her actual name, I’m imagining someone very beautiful – the aforementioned Sunday Riley, this American skincare line has had Beauty journalists in a frenzy with its products that combine botanical ingredients with whizz-hot biotechnology and ACTUALLY WORK. Good Genes, which I haven’t tried, but sounds bloody marvellous, is a treatment that according to India Knight, leaves you looking renewed, glowing and just basically, a better version of yourself. It’s next on my list of things to try to stop me looking old. But instead of jumping ahead and talking about products I haven’t tried, let’s focus on the ones I have.

First up, the Ceramic Slip Cleanser, which is a kind of gunky green cleanser containing French Green clay, which promises to ‘lift grime, absorb impurities, tighten pores and gently exfoliate’. Now, part of the reason I think this works is because when you spend a lot of money on a cleanser (and at £35 it isn’t cheap) you are going to go by the book when it comes to applying it – meaning plenty of massaging into the skin and not just chucking on and washing off as you’d do with good old Simple. But, aside from the technique of applying it, I do think the product works. My skin feels properly cleansed after using it and looks better having been washed with it than it does before I take the day’s grime and make-up off. It also lasts for ages, much longer than the aforementioned Simple, so actually, in the long-term, when going by the terribly accurate cost-by-use formula used to justifying buying things, it’s not too bad in terms of price.

Then there’s the rather delicious Flora Face Oil. I am a big fan of face oils. They have become an essential part of my skincare routine (which makes slapping it on/taking it off sound a lot more complex than it is). Face oils not only feel luxurious, but are also something of a necessity, adding much needed moisture to skin that’s not quite as young as it used to be. Made from a blend of Russian, Turkish and Bulgarian roses plus rose geranium, palma rosa and rose hip oil, it replenishes your skin with lost moisture and tackles fine lines and wrinkles. In layman’s terms, this means it stops your skin feeling dry in the morning (as mine has done over winter) and makes it look a little healthier and less dull. As for the fine lines – they’re still there, but realistically, nothing is going to wipe out those suckers without the help of a time machine or surgery. At £70, it is again, not at all cheap, but I’ve been using it for around two months now and less than half is gone. Also unfortunately, when it comes to skincare, quality counts – and I justify it by thinking that if you’d spend that (and probably a lot more) on a coat or dress, then why not spend it on your most visible asset, your face?

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