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New season, new (forever) bag

So, we’ve sorted your coat dilemma. (Hereand here, just in case you missed it. And head over to Instagram to see us sporting our favourites.) Now we have our eye on the accessories. I don’t know about you, but I am past the stage where I crave the cheap thrill of a cheap bag. I want something that quietly oozes quality, charm and style – without a. shouting about it or b. costing a small fortune. Which is why I was so impressed when I visited the Village England showroom. I think you might well find your perfect A/W bag right here……


Object of Lust: French Market Basket

I do love a basket. I realised the other day that I have one in every room in the house. For toys, logs, laundry, bedding, paperwork, loo rolls… If only I had more rooms, I would have more baskets. And I love the idea of breezing around come summer, basket on arm, filled with flowers, freshly baked bread and a good novel. (Come on, let a girl dream.) Even though the reality is more along the lines of baby wipes, nappies, rice cakes, children’s books and Sophie the Giraffe, I can still tote them around in the basket of my dreams.…


Bag a Bargain

Have you checked out the new collection from Mango? There are some gems to be snapped up. Particularly in the bag department. Maternity leave has rendered me a convert to the cross-body bag. I need free hands: several of them would be good, but two will have to suffice. I cannot be lugging a tote around or stopping to hitch my bag onto my shoulder, so cross body it is. And Mango has come up trumps, (On this subject, stay tuned for a new brand Alex and I have recently discovered. Designer looks. Achievable price.)…


Clutch Bags to Covet

A gorgeous clutch bag can dress up an outfit like nothing else. (I only wish I had more of a need to dress up said simple outfits – especially for the evening. I think, once this little one arrives and has settled in, I need to reinstate date night. I miss my husband…. Also, as Suzanne, a lovely W&W reader recently reminded me, I do love pretty much any meal at High Road House.) In any case, my point here is that a clutch bag is very fine thing. Moreover, you can find some fabulous bargains on the high street – there is no need to spend a small fortune on an item you won’t us all that much (although I do like the idea of popping a clutch inside a tote and whipping it out when a big bag would be too much – I do this with my Mother’s Day present (yes, I lucked out). Anya Hindmarch aside, none of these beauties is more than £40. Bargaintastic.…