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My Beauty Story: Alessandra Steinherr, Blogger and Glamour’s Beauty Director

Alessandra Steinherr is something of a legend in the beauty world. She’s a walking encyclopedia of beauty knowledge and a real powerhouse. We grabbed her to talk her new blog, the secret of that amazing skin and her desert island products. Prepare to bookmark her site (and want to order everything she recommends) immediately.…


Rachel Fiddes: Top 10 Summer Beauty Savers

You may be feeling sunkissed and gorgeous after your summer break, but nothing wrecks skin and hair faster than a two week stint in the sun. All that chlorine, salt, sun and sand is enough to send our skin and hair into a serious beauty meltdown. But choose a few key beauty treats and you can undo the summer damage with our Top 10 Summer Savers……


Rachel Fiddes: the ultimate guide to beauty on a budget (part one)

If you feel overwhelmed by sheer volume of choice when it comes to beauty purchases, you’re not alone – even for beauty editors it can be seriously confusing, and not made any easier by the huge gulf in prices. A heart-stoppingly expensive eye cream for £200 may actually not be any better than one for £15. As with the rise of inexpensive fashion from Top Shop, Uniqlo and Hennes, savvy fashion-forward beauty shoppers don’t give two hoots about pulling a budget brand out of their make-up bag. After all a great product is a great product however little it cost.  Some products are worth spending out on and some just aren’t. But where to save and where to splurge? And if you’re going to save, where to go for the best beauty bargains?…