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Hello Yellow

It’s a grey old day, so how about a flash of yellow to lift the spirits? I discovered this knit at Topshop (more on my session with a personal shopper later this week!) and wore it on Monday to start my week with a mustard jolt of joy. I also love this from Boden (and this lemon sorbet delight).…


Object of Lust: French Market Basket

I do love a basket. I realised the other day that I have one in every room in the house. For toys, logs, laundry, bedding, paperwork, loo rolls… If only I had more rooms, I would have more baskets. And I love the idea of breezing around come summer, basket on arm, filled with flowers, freshly baked bread and a good novel. (Come on, let a girl dream.) Even though the reality is more along the lines of baby wipes, nappies, rice cakes, children’s books and Sophie the Giraffe, I can still tote them around in the basket of my dreams.…