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Going for the Chop

I've always loved the idea of long hair, but the truth (which it's taken me a long time to accept) is that it doesn't love me, and so a few months ago I went for 'the chop'. And this time, for the first time, I'm not looking back...…


The fine-hair fix: 5 steps to better hair

Hello. My name is Alex and I’m the owner of Really Bad Hair. We’re talking fine. We’re talking fly-away. We’re talking prone to frizz. And, after several pregnancies (thanks hormones!) were talking regrowth, which likes to stand on end and wave ‘hello!’ just so everyone knows it’s there. But, finally (finally!) I’ve found a 5 step solution that seems to be helping……


Post-Pregnancy Beauty

So, you’ve had a baby. What, you mean you don’t look like this? Or this?                 Seriously? Come on, woman. Note to self: Must Try Harder. Actually, scrap that. Must be cannier. You see, the other day, Alex and I were discussing W&W ideas, and she happened to mention that some friends had asked about what, precisely, you do when you have new (or even not so new – just young) children to look half-way human. I paraphrase, but you get the gist. And you have but to ask, and we shall seek. Note: this is also jolly useful for zhushing up your skincare and beauty routine if you’re just a bit tired and grey-feeling as summer bows out. Fortunately, I know one Grace Timothy, brilliant journalist, beauty guru, mama to one-year-old Emie Rae and creator of the genius Pregnant Beauty Guide.  I dutifully flung myself at her feet and begged for her insider knowledge.…