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How I Make It Work: Dominique Hughes of Jem+Bea

Some people would be lost without theirs, but I have never bought a changing bag. I’ve just chucked nappies, wipes etc into a fabric tote and stuffed it under the buggy. Why? Because changing bags are all too often the opposite of stylish. I couldn’t bring myself to fork out on something which was, essentially, the price of a good handbag but looked so distressingly unlike one. I mean, I’d rather buy a new (non-baby) bag. Until now. For Jem+Bea design changing bags nice enough to replace your actual handbag. I jest not. They are sleek, stylish, altogether gorgeous and wouldn’t shame even the most militant fashionista mama. Founders Dominique Hughes and Rebecca Da Silva Lima (the range is named after two of their respective children, Jemima and Beatrice) grappled with the same function versus style dilemma when they became mamas – and solved it by designing an impeccably curated, beautifully designed selection of bags. You can even have them monogrammed (be still my heart). If this isn’t the perfect baby shower/new mama present, I don’t know what is. (Having suffered yet another leaking beaker disaster (result: entire contents of bag rendered redundant, including nappies. The horror.) this weekend, I might…

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How I Make it Work: Alice Shreeve of Belle & Bunty

Belle & Bunty design some of the prettiest clothes around – from vintage-inspired bridal wear to a glorious ready-to-wear collection. (They also have the loveliest – and super-stylish – Instagram account: @belleandbunty). The brainchild of two friends and London College of Fashion alumni, Alice Shreeve & Hannah Coniam-Thompson, the label’s watchwords are feminine, flirtatious and eminently wearable (I often notice that clothes designed by women for women are the most flattering – not to mention the most comfortable.) Alice also has two daughters – Mae, 9, [with Alice, above] and Darcey, 6, so we were longing to ask her she manages to be at the helm of her own business, design the Belle & Bunty collections and run a family. And we love her down-to-earth approach (and her brilliant advice).…

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How I Make it Work: Kate Pietrasik of Tootsa MacGinty

Have you discovered Tootsa MacGinty? It’s the most joyful collection of children’s clothes. Bright, cheerful, colourful – and the designs are fabulous. What’s more, every item in the collection is designed to be worn by boys and girls. If you loathe dressing your daughter in princess pink all the time; or have often lamented that boys don’t always have to wear clothes emblazoned with vehices/superheroes – this is the label for you.  It’s the brainchild of Kate Pietrasik – who is herself pretty fabulous: she juggles running her own company with being a single parent to Ruby, five. Prepare to be inspired……

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How I Make it Work: Beverley Turner

Beverley Turner is something of a Renaissance woman. Not content with ‘simply’ being an author, Telegraph journalist, presenter, mother of three (Croyde, 11, Kiki, 5 and Trixie, 3) and wife to James Cracknell, she has now set up The Blooming Bunch, quite frankly the coolest-sounding antenatal classes we’ve ever read about. It offers courses for first-timers, a refresher course (both in the fabulous surroundings of Maggie & Rose) and private classes – more info here. Whew. We’re exhausted just thinking about how she manages to do it. So, how does she?…

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How I Make it Work: Mandy Sutcliffe of Belle & Boo

We love Belle & Boo (a little girl and her adorable bunny, for the uninitiated) here at W&W. The sweetly retro prints have become a wonderful collection of to-be-treasured treats – from books, stationery, craft and homeware to the sweetest printed frocks. It’s a big hit with my little girl – and her mama (there’s nothing brash or garish about these beautifully-drawn illustrations and products; pretty much anything you choose from the website makes a gorgeous present. So we were thrilled when Mandy Sutcliffe, the incredibly talented and multi-tasking co-founder and illustrator who conceived Belle & Boo – and grew it from a tiny Etsy shop to the thriving business it is today – agreed to chat to us about how she does it. ‘It’ being running her own company, being a creative maven, sponsor of the crafts and a mama to twin two-year-old boys. Phew.…

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How I Make it Work: PR Director Anna Hope

Anna Hope is a one-woman powerhouse. Not only is she one of the best PRs I have had the pleasure of working with – she is also a total inspiration for me as a working mother. She juggles running her own company – she is the director of AKH Communications Ltd, working with some of the biggest names in the business (Hampton Court Festival, Winter Wonderland, the tennis Masters, Claudia Schiffer…), with being a mother to her two adorable children, Isabella and Blake. Anna is also the one who told me, unequivocally, to ‘go for it’ when I was hovering on the brink of a big career decision; she is a cheerleader for other women, a savvy businesswoman and a fabulous mama. To coin a cliche: if you could bottle what Anna has, you’d be thrilled. So we were delighted when she agreed to talk us through how she makes her work/life/family balance work.…

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How I make it work

This, the first in a series of new irregular regular columns, was born of the fact that my friends (who are mothers) seem to spend a lot of time discussing how we make it work. And by ‘it’ I mean the business of combining, work, children (and wider family), friends, even, on occasion, doing something for ourselves. It seems particularly apt to launch it today – just as the Duchess of Cambridge is in labour with her first child. (Although – let’s be honest here – Kate’s version of the juggle is going to a looooong way from yours and mine. Work? Not so much. Nursery waiting list? I don’t think so.)…