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Natasha’s Ile De Ré Holiday Packing List

With three weeks to go, I've been thinking about my holiday packing list. We're taking a late holiday this year - heading to one of my childhood haunts - the Dordogne - and then onto a place we've been to many times, but this is the first time with both children - the really rather ridiculously pretty Ile de Ré.…


Holiday Packing, 3 Ways

Anyone else counting down the days? Yep, holiday season looms large. With this in mind, here's three ways to tackle your holiday packing.(Alternatively, here's what to wear if you're running out of outfit ideas for the heatwave...)…


How to…Pack for a Week in the Sun

We had the best week in Corsica (our fifth time on this perfectly gorgeous island: guide coming soon!) I also rigorously applied the packing rules which made life so simple that I am (almost) tempted to streamline my wardrobe. (I said ‘almost’…)…


The experts guide to travelling with Children

There must be people who find the whole travelling with small children a big adventure. Let me say now I do not know any of these people, but I am sure they exist. For the rest of us, it’s Mission: Survival to get to our destination. We flew to Corsica last week – our first flight with two small people. As it was over the smallest’s lunchtime nap I thought, ‘Easy. He’s a chilled out chap, he’ll sleep on the plane’. I had reckoned without teething and an awful cough and cold rendering him more fretful than usual. He kept dropping of – and then waking almost immediately, sobbing…just as his sister spilled apple juice all over herself and her seat. What wisdom have I gleaned from this experience? Do not bank on anything. If the child does not want to sleep, desist in your attempts to persuade him (he was as merry as a grig once I gave in). Beware of liquids in small spaces. Never travel without oodles of stickers, baby wipes, a cosy blanket or wrap (we took this one) and a change of clothes. Fortunately, there are people who are far better at these things than…

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How to…Pack like a Fashon Editor: Part 1

The holidays are here. And with them comes the need to pack. Have you mastered it yet? Or are you an over-packer (stuffing everything in just in case you need that fourth pair of jeans and three woolly jumpers in Greece in August. Excess baggage charges, anyone?) An under-packer (why oh why did you forget to bring anything whatsoever to wear in the evening, compelling you to wear that ancient sundress Every Single Day)? A last-minute packer (necessitating a crazed dash around the airport in search of knickers, books, SPF…pretty much everything)? Fortunately for our suitcases, we’ve assembled a team of seasoned travel pros and crack packers to tell you how it’s done. First up, GLAMOUR Beauty Director Alessandra Steinherr and fashion editor and stylist, Liz Thody.…

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How to…pack for a holiday

Where are you headed this summer? Cornwall for two weeks of bucket and spade action? Or perhaps Ibiza for something a little more glamorous/hedonistic/hippie (*delete as appropriate)? Maybe you’re heading further afield or even closer to home. Whatever your destination, you’re going to need to pack for it. Which is where we come in….…