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And all through the house, not a present was purchased… Until now. This will be the year when I conquer the shopping before 24th December (even though last year’s Christmas Eve dash was highly pleasing on the the reductions front). Each week up until Christmas, we’ll bring you present ideas – from ‘just in case’ to ‘hint hint’. We wish you a very merry festive retail experience.…


10 Fail-Safe Presents

In our dreams we would waft around the snowy streets of a charming market town, cheeks aglow, children frolicking at our feet, whilst we buy presents for our nearest and dearest. (You know, something along the lines of the opening of Little Woman…) In reality, we don’t have time to think about what to eat for supper this evening and have work and domestic admin piling up. So here are our cheats: our top 10, always-a-winner presents….…


It’s a wrap

One of the best things about the many good things about Christmas is receiving a beautifully wrapped gift. Yes, what’s inside is important, but what’s on the outside can be equally as enchanting. Here’s our pick of some of the best wrapping papers out there (and some beautifully wrapped presents for your inspiration)….…

DoWeekend Wishlist

Christmas Wishlist

Hand on heart, I love Christmas shopping. I love buying presents – preferring the giving to the receiving (um, most of the time…). I love thinking about what each person would most like, imagining their face when they open it. Unfortunately, the bar has been set very high in the latter respect by my mum – who is the best person to buy for: she opens each present slowly, cooing over the wrapping, and then always reacts just right (she once burst into tears when my dad bought her an antique Victorian ring). Thus my husband (who is scrupulously polite but a self-confessed slow-burner where presents are concerned; three weeks after receiving, he’ll suddenly announce how pleased he is with so-and-such) is a tricky recipient to read. My daughter, just three, is unequivocal: her birthday dolls’ house got a “Wow, wow, wow”,  with hands clasped, eyes shining, little jumps up and down; but if not, then she is polite but evidently keener on the process of unwrapping. (There’s no hiding your feelings when you’re three.)…