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Summer Reading List

I’ve had a brilliant literary run recently. I’ve read such great books that I want to exhort perfect strangers to pick up a copy. (I actually did this on the way to work last week, when a surreptitious tear escaped me as I finished a book. I caught the eye of the girl next to me (yep, we were standing. Feminist as I am, I sometimes hanker after old fashioned chivalry) and she gave me the, ‘you okay?’ head tilt. In return, I told her to get her hands on The Versions of Us, tears notwithstanding). If you are headed to a sunlounger/the beach/your garden any time soon, these are the books I’ve loved and urge you to take with you….…

Clauds book day

World Book Day: What We’re Reading Now

There has been much cursing of World Book Day/Book Week on my social media from friends rolling eyes at having to dress their children as a book character. Not from me. I was thrilled. (Mind you, I was not – this year – dressing a boy, and most of the complaints seemed to be about small boys only wanting to be superheroes.) Books to me are as essential as oxygen. They are pillars of civilisation (note that only really bad characters – fictional or otherwise – burn books). Here’s what we – and our minis – are reading right now……


Summer Books

I am loathe to be prescriptive about what books you ‘ought’ to take on holiday. Because, for all I know, your perfect literary beach partner might be a bloodthirsty  thriller, awash with rain and mangled corpses. Not everyone wants lighthearted – all that sunshine might leave you gasping for some dark relief. (In the same way, you shouldn’t be too prescriptive about holidays. “Oh you simply MUST stay at this villa” (what if you prefer a hotel?), “You’d love it here, you never have to leave the hotel complex” (actually, you can’t think of anything you’d like less than spending two weeks in one place and not actually visiting the country), “I don’t think that Paris/Copenhagan/Los Angeles is very ‘you'” (if you’ve not been there. how can you possibly know?). You get the gist. BUT… because I read as much as I possibly can (which is nowhere near the amount I’d like; curse you, sleep – why must you intrude?) I am sometimes asked for recommendations. And if I was to write you a reading list, it might look something like this… My first tip would be to consider taking/downloading one book which pertains to where you are going. So,…