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Eat this: foods and supplements to make your skin look better

Honestly, I am the last person who preaches about what you should eat. How could I when I mainline chocolate like a junkie and was last seen snacking on pom pom bears whilst making friends with a bottle of Whispering Angel? But, *groan*, I'm not an idiot. Well, not a ginormous idiot and I do know that healthy foods and super-supplements can make a real difference to how you look and how you feel. In what has become this summer's bid to make my skin look better, I've done some in-depth research (i.e. asked someone else) into the best foods and supplements to take to make your skin look plumper, healthier and younger than ever. Thankfully, that person is the fab Nutritional Therapist Jo Saunders, part of the brilliant Cooking Them Healthy team who knows all there is to know about super-charged eating....…


Perfect Skin? Aka BB v CC: the face-off

Despite over a decade spent working at glossy magazines, I remain fairly clueless when it comes to the mysterious world of beauty. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good unguent as much as the next girl, and have the bathroom cabinet to prove it (plus the designated egg section in my fridge is dominated by nail varnish). My latest beauty-related puzzlement can be summed up thus: what the bejesus is a CC cream? I had just about got to grips with BB (blemish balm) cream – I dutifully slap it on every day and love the whole ‘better skin without looking caked in make-up’ thing – and now this. Argh. Confused of W&W.…