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Winter-proof your skin

We love autumn and winter here at W&W. (For evidence, see Alex’s post – a hymn to autumnal delights, and this one, too). Good thing, too, as rumour (okay, my friend Sarah, who just seems to know these things) tells me that rumour has it that we are in for the coldest, snowiest winter since 2010. However, loving what winter does to our skin? Not so much. I, for one, come over all dry and itchy – and might as well take out shares in moisturiser, given the amount I am compelled to slather on to my parched skin. This year, however, it’s going to be different. 1. Because I am going to eat like this in preparation (thank you, Henrietta Norton) 2. I have taken the precaution of consulting Grace Timothy, beauty editor extraordinaire (we’ve said it before, but her Pregnant Beauty Guide should be your first port of call if you are pregnant – or even if you’re not, her beauty tips are always invaluable). Read on for her invaluable advice. Are you taking notes?…

BeautyBeauty Uniform

My Beauty Uniform: Nicola de Burlet

The fabulously-named Nicola de Burlet is one of my favourite beauty insiders. Head of PR at Kenneth Green Associates, she is all enthusiasm and charm. She has nearly twenty years’ experience working with big name brands – you might just have heard of some of them: Chanel, Hermes, Jimmy Choo, Terry de Gunzburg, Balmain,Oscar de la Renta, Givenchy… In short, there is nothing she doesn’t know about beauty and fragrance. Plus she is seriously glamorous with envy-inducing skin. Last time we met, I found myself scrutinising her complexion, thinking, “She has a full-on, high-powered job, a son and two step-sons. How in heaven’s name does she do it?” Finally, I now have a chance to find out……


Post-Pregnancy Beauty

So, you’ve had a baby. What, you mean you don’t look like this? Or this?                 Seriously? Come on, woman. Note to self: Must Try Harder. Actually, scrap that. Must be cannier. You see, the other day, Alex and I were discussing W&W ideas, and she happened to mention that some friends had asked about what, precisely, you do when you have new (or even not so new – just young) children to look half-way human. I paraphrase, but you get the gist. And you have but to ask, and we shall seek. Note: this is also jolly useful for zhushing up your skincare and beauty routine if you’re just a bit tired and grey-feeling as summer bows out. Fortunately, I know one Grace Timothy, brilliant journalist, beauty guru, mama to one-year-old Emie Rae and creator of the genius Pregnant Beauty Guide.  I dutifully flung myself at her feet and begged for her insider knowledge.…