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How I Make it Work: Kate Pietrasik of Tootsa MacGinty

Have you discovered Tootsa MacGinty? It’s the most joyful collection of children’s clothes. Bright, cheerful, colourful – and the designs are fabulous. What’s more, every item in the collection is designed to be worn by boys and girls. If you loathe dressing your daughter in princess pink all the time; or have often lamented that boys don’t always have to wear clothes emblazoned with vehices/superheroes – this is the label for you.  It’s the brainchild of Kate Pietrasik – who is herself pretty fabulous: she juggles running her own company with being a single parent to Ruby, five. Prepare to be inspired……

Sadie and her daughter Iris

Sadie Frost on…Motherhood and Being Positive

Motherhood isn’t easy. Although, sometimes when you look at pictures of celebrities in magazines and read inane quotes from women banging on about their perfect pregnancies and amazing lives, you can sometimes think you’re the only person who finds it hard. Which is why it’s incredibly refreshing to hear mother of four Sadie Frost’s honest take on it. Extracted from the wonderful new book Nourish, written by Sadie, her sister Holly and her friend Amber (whose brilliant cookbook Love, Bake, Nourish we featured last year), Sadie talks all about pregnancy (and suffering from hyperemesis), motherhood and her struggles with postnatal depression. I particularly love what she says about dealing with negative thoughts and staying positive. Sadie Frost – she’s one inspiring woman……

Anna Bance GMD
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How to…become an ecommerce mogul

Wouldn’t it be great if your best friend had the most amazing wardrobe of the hottest designer dresses and you had free-range access to her wardrobe? That’s the thinking behind leading luxury designer rental destination Girl Meets Dress. Clever, eh? We asked co-founder, ecommerce mogul-in-the-making Anna Bance, to tell us more……


How do you feel about your pregnant body?

Pregnant? Been pregnant? Contemplating round one (two, three or four)? Well then, let me ask you: how do you feel about your pregnant body? And how does your partner feel about it?…

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How to…be happy

“Life is made of moments, small pieces of silver amidst long stretches of tedium. It would be wonderful if they came to us unsummoned, but particularly in lives as busy as the ones most of us lead now, that won’t happen. We have to teach ourselves how to make room for them, to love them and to live, really live . . . to love the journey, not the destination.” Are you happy?…


Miscarriage: You are not alone

I have friends it has happened to. Dear friends, who are – and will be, I hope – wonderful parents. So do you, I bet. Miscarriage is all too common – perhaps we know more about it because we speak more of it (certainly more than in my mother’s and grandmother’s day). The loss of a child, even at the earliest of stages, is so hard to bear: miscarriage is, as our writer,  Kate, 32, from St Albans, tells us, “invisible”, but no less painful. In this very honest account, she shares her story with us – and with you. We are deeply touched that she has chosen to tell it here – and very much hope that it will help you, your sister, your friends – anyone who has gone through the pain of miscarriage.…


Whose birth is it anyway?

I’ve um-ed and ah-ed (mostly to long-suffering Alex) about writing this post. Probably because I know several people who willl heartily disagree with what I’m about to write – and my modus operandi tends to be pro-diplomacy and anti-boat-rocking. But sometimes, I tell myself, it’s good to stick your head above the parapet; also, I’m fascinated to hear your views on the subject of birth; and then this morning I was listening to the Today programme (pretty much the only acceptable accompaniment to the morning), and heard about the revised NICE guidelines – which suggest that first-time mothers with low risk pregnancies have their babies in midwife-led units (rather than consultant-led obstetric units) and for second-time mothers with straightforward pregnancies, a home birth may be just as safe as a birth in the unit. Interesting. And to my ears: slightly alarming (the word ‘may’ rings bells for starters).…


The Art of Gratitude

I had (conveniently) forgotten that being pregnant can make you feel a little bit crazy. And overwhelmed. There are some days when I feel – physically and mentally – as though I’ve scaled Everest – and not in a triumphant way, but in an ‘every fibre of my being is shattered’ way (and there is of course, also the emotional maelstrom to contend with). So I’ve been developing a new little positive habit….…

Courtney Adamo and Ivy (4), Marlow (16 months), Quin (6) and Easton (8)
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How I make it work: Courtney Adamo of Babyccino Kids

How do you do it? And by ‘it’ I mean the daily juggle involving life, work, kids (if you have them), you, your partner, the house, the garden, the dog, the second house in France (I wish)…. Me? I basically just wing it. Which is why I’m always on the hunt for tips from inspirational and organised people. Courtney Adamo of Babyccino Kids is one such person. Not only does she have four beautiful children and no family near by to help (she’s from the US), a gorgeous house in North London and looks amazing (these things shouldn’t matter, but for someone who struggles to grab a shower in the morning, it impresses me!), but she also runs Babyccino Kids,a super-successful shopping portal for children (don’t know it? Then check it out -it’s a great edit and their blog is lovely). Basically, she is my lifestyle crush. Read on and you’ll see why.…

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How I Make it Work: Mandy Sutcliffe of Belle & Boo

We love Belle & Boo (a little girl and her adorable bunny, for the uninitiated) here at W&W. The sweetly retro prints have become a wonderful collection of to-be-treasured treats – from books, stationery, craft and homeware to the sweetest printed frocks. It’s a big hit with my little girl – and her mama (there’s nothing brash or garish about these beautifully-drawn illustrations and products; pretty much anything you choose from the website makes a gorgeous present. So we were thrilled when Mandy Sutcliffe, the incredibly talented and multi-tasking co-founder and illustrator who conceived Belle & Boo – and grew it from a tiny Etsy shop to the thriving business it is today – agreed to chat to us about how she does it. ‘It’ being running her own company, being a creative maven, sponsor of the crafts and a mama to twin two-year-old boys. Phew.…