Get the Realisation Look on the High Street

Realisation Par makes the perfect, flirty summer dresses for long, sultry nights dancing under the stars. But if you’ve always hankered after the look, I might just have found you an excellent alternative.

Which, doubtless, it’s ‘dream girls’ actually do, because they are hot, young, fabulous and footloose. I love the Valentina  (also in this colourway) and the Ozzie in the glorious Pansy print (above).

However, I am not quite as young and footloose as I was (although far be it from me to suggest that hotness and fabulousness decline with age…). I also live in London (customs and import duties alert as there are currently no UK stockists) . And, now I work for myself, the to-do barometer on my average day swings between work/meetings/school run/getting down on the floor to line up cars by colour i.e. I need a dress which can mean business but can also not involve my breasts spilling out when I lean over to inspect said car line-up.

So, I found a great dress in Topshop yesterday*. And then I went to look for it online and it wasn’t there. This is highly vexing – and I promise to a. post it on Insta and b. to alert you as soon as it drops online. And in the meantime, here’s a line-up of frocks which would take you to work (okay, not all workplaces. There are limits) and out to play and on holiday and to the park with your children at the weekend.

*UPDATE. The dress is now online – you can shop it right here.*

1. Low v neck dress, now £19.99 (was £35.99), Mango

2. Lace up sleeve tea dress, £32, Topshop

3. Long sleeve wrap dress, £29.99, H&M

4. Polka dot dress, now £29.99 (was £49.99), Mango

5. Red floral tea dress, £32, Topshop

6. Star and floral print midi dress, £49, Topshop

7. Petite print dress, £46, Topshop


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