The fine-hair fix: 5 steps to better hair


Hello. My name is Alex and I’m the owner of Really Bad Hair.

We’re talking fine. We’re talking fly-away. We’re talking prone to frizz. And, after several pregnancies (thanks hormones!) were talking regrowth, which likes to stand on end and wave ‘hello!’ just so everyone knows it’s there. But, finally (finally!) I’ve found a 5 step solution that seems to be helping…

The story of my hair has never been a great one. Littered with bad hair cuts, split ends and dodgy dye-jobs, it’s safe to say that I’ve never rivalled Jennifer Aniston in the swishy hair stakes. Although, I’m sure that things used to be a tiny bit better. In fact, when I was showing pics of our honeymoon to my son the other day, the main thing I noticed wasn’t just how young we looked (so young!), how well-rested and relatively unwrinkled I was (oh how that has changed – bitter laugh), but mainly that my hair wasn’t quite as sticky-uppy (yes, that’s a technical term), fluffy, frizzy – and just well, as plain tricky as it is now. And so, things – as they do- came to a head. I had to take action. I had to do something. I had to Make It Stop. So, if you, like me, have the aforementioned sticky-uppy, fluffy, bouffy, fine hair curse, then these are the 5 things I’m currently doing that have made things significantly better…

1) Aveda’s Pure Abundance shampoo and conditioner.

I LOVE this range. Having been persuaded to try it by all-round beauty guru Rachel Fiddes, I am a full convert to Aveda. During the last few weeks that I’ve been using the shampoo and conditioner, I’ve noted a marked improvement in the aforementioned fluffy/frizz/thin situation. I’ve tried various products before -from cheap to the more expensive, but this combo is the best so far..

2) Condition, condition, condition

You know how all *those* articles say that you should just condition the ends and leave the roots if you have naturally oily hair? Forget ’em. They don’t know what they’re talking about. For months, I tried just conditioning the ends in the hope my hair wouldn’t look all lank’n’greasy. But all that happened is that it went extra static, a situation only sorted out by panic-seruming, resulting in – you’ve guessed it – lank’n’greasy hair. So now, I always condition every last stretch of hair like some moisture-crazed nut – and actually it’s much better this way.

3) Wash less, use dry shampoo

I’ve always been wedded to the idea of washing my hair every other day. When it was longer (just below the shoulders) this seemed to work well, although I’d only ever wear it down for the first day. However, I’ve finally accepted that hair-drying (a must for me) isn’t helping my situation and so I manage to stretch out the washes to every three days. Dry shampoo is obviously a must. And again, the Aveda one I’m using (and nope this isn’t a sponsored post, I just really like the range) is great (once you work out the fiddly pump), better than the cheap Batiste one I used before – although I still do have that in my cupboard.

4) Take time to dry

Yup. This one’s a bore. Especially if – as usual – your plan to get up early and be dressed before the kids wake up hasn’t worked out, and you have approximately 30 seconds in which to have a shower, moisturise, get dressed and dry your hair. But, if you can get your asses in gear, taking longer to blow dry your hair does help smooth out kinks and flatten frizz. A little product doesn’t hurt either. Whilst, Frizz Ease has never done it for me, I do like a bit of mousse (*80s klaxon) or a bit of Label M’s Blow Out Spray. If all else fails and my regrowth is still sticking up, I use a touch of hairspray on my fingers to smooth them down.

4) If all else fails, get the straighteners out or tie it up

Like many things in life, these steps don’t always work. Sometimes I overestimate the amount of product I should use, my blow dry looks crap or my hair just doesn’t behave. In which case, I either a) get some straighteners out to smooth out the kinks (I know, I know this is hardly going to help matters in the long-term) or b) wear it up.

ps my hair still doesn’t rival Jennifer Aniston’s, but it is better than before!

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  • Reply
    March 14, 2016 at 10:39 pm

    I’m plagued by super thin hair too (but lots of it) that frizzes and knots very easily! Finally (as in the last few weeks) I found using the L’oreal sulfate-free hair expertise line heat protection before I dry my hair now makes it look like it does at the salon. (I also use the same sulfate free shampoo/conditioner – as if I don’t condition I end up with straw hair that I can’t even get a comb through.) The only other product I use is the Living Proof ‘style extender’ which is amazing. Dry shampoo is a must (I can go 2-3 days between washing) with either the Oscar Blandi or the Oribe dry texture spray. I’ve never used the Batiste, which seems popular.

    • Reply
      March 15, 2016 at 10:25 am

      Thin, frizzy hair is such a nightmare! Thanks so much for the tip – I will definitely check out the L’Oreal Expertise line. I’ve never worked out how to get my hair looking as smooth as it does after being blow-dried in a salon – I just can’t seem to do it at home! But, I will try this out – thank you!

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