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43030372_55-99999999_99I knew there was a reason I had another baby: so I have an excuse to peruse adorably teeny weeny clothes.

I’m kidding. Obviously.

Although there is no denying that if you have small people, you are spoilt for choice right now. And I don’t mean crazy-expensive choice, I mean choice on the British high street…

Mango has just launched its first ever Baby range. I love the star print trousers (above, £9.99) and the star-footed leggings – because baby’s socks have a way of working themselves free from little feet. Speaking of which, the suede moccasins (£22.99) are bonkersly cute. As is the striped sweater (£14.99), star t-shirt (£7.99) and the star tulle skirt (£12.99).

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Boots have recently relaunched their Mini Club range and there are gorgeous bargains a-plenty. This blue floral all-in-one is an absolute steal – and this is perfect for little stars (or rascals. Opinion highly dependent upon amount of sleep said child has allowed the parents). This pretty top is perfect for little girls – as is this dress- and you know how we love a striped jumper. I am loving the idea of the adorable pinny set post haste for my big girl – but how sweet would it look on a teeny person? And you can use your Advantage points. Bonus.



Zara’s mini collection is an excess of sweetness. I always hit it at sales time and stock up for next year. You know how i love a hat with ears (£7.99), and this little blue cardigan is on my list (it matches my little boy’s eyes); this little hooded coat (£17.99) will keep baby cosy; and how lovely is this little denim dress (£14.99)? I love this little outfit, too.

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The Little White Company is my go-to for gorgeous presents when friends have babies – or when there’s a baby shower, flavour unknown: the elephant print sleepsuit (£22) or striped (£20) number would be perfect presents. This bear hoodie has already made it into my little boy’s wardrobe; these corduroy dungarees (£28) are perfect for crawlers and wobbly walkers;




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