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Trainers. They’re to the 2019 woman what Manolos were to Carrie Bradshaw. Everyone needs at least one pair of trainers in their wardrobe. Comfortable, contemporary and so easy to wear, a pair of trainers should most definitely be on your shopping list.

A short post this week because, well, life has just got in the way! A combination of half-term, moving house, autumn colds and work has had us juggling a lot of balls, so let’s get straight to the heart of the matter. Trainers – you need them. Why? Well, you can walk in them for a start. Easily. Without hobbling. They’re also the most contemporary kind of footwear you can imagine. You’ll wear them a lot (so cost per wear is excellent). And they just look so good with almost everything – a pair of leather leggings (see last week’s post!), jeans, a midi skirt, a midi dress and if you’re Kate Moss, an evening dress…they just work.

I don’t think you necessarily have to spend a fortune to get an amazing pair, although arguably, sometimes you can’t resist! On the high street, I’ve been impressed with John Lewis’ And/Or and Mint Velvet’s offerings this year, although H&M are always good (my H&M trainers purchased three years ago are ridiculously comfortable). When it comes to designer trainers, I love my Vejas (I especially love the velcro straps – the lazy girl’s dream) and have heard so many good things about Air & Grace (I’ve been lusting after a pair of navy glitter Air & Grace trainers for a few years now)…So, what kind of trainers should you buy? Well, just walk right this way (ps. don’t be scared of the chunky, sporty looking ones, once you get used to them, they look amazing!)…..

  1. 373 Trainers, £65, New Balance; 2. Leather star trainers, £45, M&S; 3.Gold/white trainers, £34.99, H&M; 4.AirForce 1 Sage Low, £84.95, Nike; 5.VL 2.0 trainers, £32, Adidas; 6.Eclipse Trident trainers, £80, Gola; 7.Glitter Copeland trainers, £159, Air & Grace; 8. And/Or trainers, £85, John Lewis; 9. Dulcie camo and star trainers, £99, Mint Velvet; 10. Touch’n’close trainers, £119, Veja (below)

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