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Two Timesaving Tips

Caroline De MaigretBusy? Working mama? (Just like Caroline de Maigret?) Yeah, us too.Too busy to even stop forpetessake? Well, put down what you’re doing and read this, because this week I discovered two genius time-saving tips..

Firstly, chuck out all your old, mismatched knickers, and buy five pairs of black, five white and nude knickers. No more fumbling in your knicker drawer of a morning, as you attempt to get ready for work (make the bed, give the baby a bottle, make breakfast for your other child, dress both children, make yourself look human….). In the process, I have discovered a pair of knickers which does not yaffle (parlance in my house for when your knickers wedge themselves firmly between your buttocks): Gap’s breathe hipster. Size up and they do not budge. Oh, the sweet relief.

Secondly, if you have a baby – or are going to have one – get yourself involved with Baby Mori. Simply tell them how old your baby is, then they’ll curate a parcel of baby essentials, and send them to you every six weeks. Every parcel is curated to your little one’s age and development stage (plus the time of year). My little boy was sent a set and they’re made from perfectly soft fabric (bamboo) in the chicest shades of grey and white. You don’t have to subscribe – you can buy items individually. The seasonal set would be the perfect new baby (or baby shower) gift.


Seasonal parcel, £55, Baby Mori

Photograph of Caroline de Maigret with her son, Anton, by Annemarieke Van Drimmelen for Vogue


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