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At the moment, Alex and I work on W&W from our kitchen tables/cafes/bed/pretty much anywhere, but we occasionally indulge in discussions about what W&W Towers will look like when we have built up our empire and thus have our own office space.

Perhaps something like this…

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The flowers. The colour scheme. The out-and-out elegance. All to be expected, as this is the office of designer Carolina Herrera, where she produces such delights as this:

Entirely, ravishingly lovely, right?

I have also long been obsessed with Inès de la Fressange’s office at Roger Vivier (for whom she is brand ambassador).  This particular shade of vivid peony pink was her own selection.

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00As I tend towards white in communal spaces (whereas in bedrooms I am All About Wallpaper), I also love Holly Becker’s home office space. She writes the hugely successful (and brilliant) decor8 blog, and her two books, Decorate and Decorate Workshop are packed with inspirational interiors and clever projects. (As an aside, if you have even a fleeting interest in interiors, do seek them out.) She works from home and I love her space – casual, cosy, beautiful and informal but structured.

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Images: @houseofherrera, The Selby, Decor8


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