Weekend to-do list: organise your bathroom cabinet

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If my bathroom cabinet (heck, if my whole bathroom) looked like this, I’d be a happy woman. Mine is an actual cupboard so I don’t have to maintain scrupulous levels of tidiness. (I do not have the time or the self-discipline, unfortunately.) But I have found that organising it does make my life that little bit easier in the morning (think small bathroom, two people racing to get ready, small child delightfully underfoot). Also –  key point here – it doesn’t take long. It’s small effort for much reward: smuggery at organised cabinet which pleases the eye – and you on Monday morning.

Be clever with small spaces

This terrifyingly well-organised cabinet makes clever use of space. The raised platforms so shelves can do double duty: space above and below.The back of the door has pockets for hair paraphernalia and hooks for scissors.

Also note: the clear tumblers so you can see at a glance what’s where.


Decant, decant, decant

(Particularly if you’re using open shelving).
Let’s face it: not every bottle is pretty. Your favourite face wash might come in a high unattractive plastic pump pot. So decant it into something more attractive. Or when someone splashes out and buys you a bath oil (or what have you) in a beautiful bottle, keep the container and re-use it (filled with your usual bargainous shower gel).

You can use clear plastic containers; glass jars; silver jars. Don’t feel constrained by what is ‘meant’ to be in your bathroom: why not use an old tea caddy if that’s what you fancy? I re-purpose empty Diptyque jars to hold cotton buds, cotton pads (and tiny flowers for the bathroom window sill. I cannot bring myself to throw them away).


d210b25a68ad70f99fc29ea1772be2c1Line ‘em up

I am in awe of theE levels of exactitude and tidiness in this line up. Stylist’s fact: most things look better duplicated. (So if you see a cheap vase in Ikea, buy three and display them together, a bud in each).






Pretty it up

This looks adorable, but it’s not tricky to do. Find a cabinet in a charity shop, repaint and then be ruthless about what you choose to display. (This is the downside of glass doors…) Or be canny: distract the eye with some pretty soaps/bottles/candles, and then ensure you line up the not-so-pretty essentials (or decant them!) See, it totally works.

Get the look









Glass bon bon jar, £45; slim glass jar, £25, The White Company

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Porcelain soap dispenser, £6.95; Two drawer acrylic drawers, £7.95, Muji


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Ribbed glass container, £12-£15; wire basket; Botanist wire basket, £12, John Lewis


9819000400_1_1_3 5918000808_1_1_3








Geometric transfer bathroom set, £8.99-£17.99, Silver glass bathroom set, £17.99-£19.99, Zara Home


Graham Green

Annabel shelf unit, £165, Graham & Green

Southport double cabinet, £85, Next

Southport double cabinet, £85, Next

Atran lockable cabinet, £22, Ikea

Atran lockable cabinet, £22, Ikea


Cream cupboard, £57.95, Melody Maison


French Grey mirrored cabinet, £79.95, Melody Maison












Images: Pinterest,The Natural Wedding Company, Natalie Merrillyn, Jonathan Kantor, Elfie and Me


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