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Since reading this post and this one, about how Courtney (one of the Babyccino team and a girl crush alert) Adamo has been going to Positano every year for the past ten years, children (increasing numbers thereof) in tow, I have been quietly obsessing about doing the same. I have been to the Amalfi coast before – a brief, flying, uber-luxe visit (it was my first every press trip) – and fell in love with it. As we didn’t (for one reason or another) have a honeymoon proper, I love the idea of taking it now – with both the loves of my life.

On which note, this rather speaks for itself…


It’s true. It lights up. It nods towards One Direction’s greatest hit (IMHO). What’s not to like? It’s £54.95 from new-to-me Oliver Hayden. I also love the idea of a personalised canvas: my baby’s name in lights!Henry-Modern-1We love pretty much everything Astley Clarke do. These stacking Fractal rings are completely perfect. Although I cannot for the life of me decide which colour I like best. From £75, Astley Clarke.84503837d5d0c980117b0a867defcc7c 502bcf32ba50a07ab36011368ea3e765-1









I have been eating far too much Dairy Millk bubbly chocolate of late (yep, I have cheap taste in chocolate), so am on the hunt for super healthy suppers to, err, counterbalance the chocolate consumption. I am definitely cooking this Brown rice and garlicky prawn salad, with capers, broccoli and radish, from What Katie Ate, perhaps even tomorrow night?



While you’re there, do look at her post about her trip to the Amafi coast. The pictures are amazing. See, the signs are ALL THERE? I should definitely go… Here’s just a taster.


Images: via Pinterest, What Katie Ate

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