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Weekend Wishlist

f0e5ec20cc819a3ec08184d488278aa1-1This weekend I will mostly be: kicking up my heels at the last of this year’s weddings (hurrah. I do love a good wedding) and pondering where to find a skirt/clutch combo like this one.

However, more realistically (given that it has suddenly turned chilly), I will be hitting up Boden to get my mitts on this very Marni-esque jumper, which I will team with this could-be-from-JCrew-gotta-love-Boden necklace. A double whammy of gorgeous.

Printed button back jumper, £69, Boden

Printed button back jumper, £69, Boden

Flowerburst necklace, £49, Boden

Flowerburst necklace, £49, Boden











De Mamiel Altitude Oil

De Mamiel Altitude oil, £22, My Showcase

De Mamiel Altitude oil, £22, My Showcase

It is fair to say that my immune system has taken a beating over the last couple of months, so when I saw this De Mamiel Altitude Oil on the very good Get the Gloss, and read of its antibacterial and antiseptic healing and preventive properties, my response was, sign me up, please. Excellent for preventing and fighting colds, I would venture to say it sounds like an essential for anyone who uses public transport…




I do love a new cookbook. And Lorraine Pascale’s A Lighter Way to Bake, might just tempt me into trying my hand at baking. Thus far, it has somewhat eluded me, as there has never been much call for baking in my life. Until now. Yesterday C and I made cookies together for the first time – and she loved it. Not as much as the eating, mind you, but enough to regale Daddy with ‘how to bake cookies’ at bedtime, “You put flour in a bowl. And then some sugar. And then some toast.” (Note: no toast was involved in the baking of these cookies).

Thing is…I am not a huge fan of rich, heavy baked goods, so the lovely Lorraine (and she is lovely – so friendly and warm and gosh-darn pretty) is tempting me with promises of reduced fat and sugar, but oodles of taste (check this out and this ah-may-zing sounding breakfast loaf which I want to make right about now.

This is a big old ask for a W&W wishlist, but I would really, really love a woodburning stove for my living room. We have talked about having one for ages (middle class cliche, I know) and I am just in love with the thought, cliche or not.  I can imagine us cosied around it at winter, reading murder mysteries (me); the ipad (him); Just look at how fabulous they can look…


This one from Charnwood is all kinds of lovely. I love that they are British made and can be used in Smoke Control Zones (which, living in London, applies to us).

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