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From midi-skirts at London Fashion Week to the hottest nail colour du jour, picnic ideas for the last days of our (Indian) summer and the prettiest maps for children. We have the weekend covered….


We’re big fans of the midi-skirt (Natasha especially) so we were pretty excited to see that it was by-and-large, the skirt of choice for stylistas at the recent London Fashion Week. Blame it on designer Stella Jean whose amazing brightly-printed midi skirts are ridiculously covetable or the fact that fashion is cyclical and it’s just that time again for hemlines to drop, but midi skirts are where it’s at. What, perhaps, is not so great (for the shorter of stature) is that the most fashionable way to wear them is with flat shoes. Now, I love a flat as much as the next mother-on-the-run, but naturally, I would tend to veer towards a heel with a skirt that stops mid-calve. However, I’m happy to experiment, so for the last few days of Indian Summer I will be wearing a midi with flip-flops and then, when temperatures drop, I will try them with a pair of boots. Or just screw ‘what’s best’ and go for a heel as let’s face it, when you’re 5’4″ you need all the help you can get. (ps heads up for for autumn/winter and beyond, the silhouette is changing. Out with skinny bottoms and big tops, it’s all about fitted tops and voluminous skirts/trousers…)

2969250802_6_1_1           WOQOKS860002BLM_1_large             c245429bf54cbfd7d0a62e82755366ec

Faux leather midi-skirt, £39.99, Zara; Delfina pleated skirt, £390, Stella Jean; Spotty Scuba skirt, £55, Topshopb103dca563e9d432c1a5f7d5c89ab4e0

Going along with the whole experimentation theme, I will be wearing purple nail varnish this weekend. Normally, I’m pretty boring when it comes to nails, sticking to anything in the red family. But, having worn a brilliant disco blue on my toenails for the last few weeks, I am coming around to other colours. And so, it’s time to experiment. Purple – or to be exact Cor Blimey by Butter LONDON – is the first shade I’m going for. A little bit goth, a little bit glam, it feels just right. Part of the brilliant Brick Lane collection (£35) – which also contains a couple of reds if I lose my experimental mojo.


I’ve always loved maps and now my son is the same. Remembering adventures you’ve had in places around the world, dreaming of where to go next, it’s always magical staring at Planet Earth. These atlases and this giant map look would provide the perfect inspiration to would-be adventurers.

new-childrens-picture-atlas             17ca4bdfb9eb59839661289af4bad0eb            66422a9fd4886b7a8e4a8645ba2e410b

Picture Atlas, £8.99 Usborne; Giant velcro map, £299, The Conran Shop; My First pop-up World Atlas, £12.99, GLTC

You can tell it’s the start of autumn when Downton Abbey comes back. And so, to make the most of the last days of sunshine (on Sunday Downton returns and the temperature drops to 18 degrees), a Saturday picnic seems like an excellent idea. Last year, we featured recipes from the brilliant David Herbert. If I don’t try those, then I might just go for the classic combination of baguette, dips and bits (i.e. artichokes, olives, sun-blushed tomatoes…). Whatever you do or eat this weekend, enjoy the sunshine.


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